On-Site Diagnostic Laboratory

Capital Area Veterinary Specialists has the most advanced diagnostic laboratory system available in veterinary medicine. Blood work and laboratory testing are crucial in assisting our experienced veterinarians and surgeons to make accurate diagnoses. Diagnostic results are important because our patients cannot communicate, and many conditions cannot be identified through a routine external physical exam. Our complete laboratory has the ability to quickly and accurately determine blood chemistry values, complete blood counts (CBCs), electrolyte levels, urinalysis values and hormone levels. Our lab allows our experienced veterinarians to make definitive diagnoses quickly, and allows them to begin immediate treatment, if necessary, for pets in Baton Rouge and other communities of southern Louisiana.

Blood Chemistries

The chemistry analyzers at Capital Area Veterinary Specialists measure the overall major organ function in our patients. These assist our veterinarians and surgeons in determining many types of illness and disease states. Liver, kidney disease, pancreatitis, and dehydration are some of the many issues that can be uncovered by running a blood serum profile.

Complete Blood Counts (CBCs)

A complete blood count can be performed at Capital Area Veterinary Specialists in our laboratory with a simple blood draw from the pet. CBCs provide invaluable data to our veterinarians, and can help them diagnose conditions such as infections, parasitic infections, anemia, certain types of cancer, and dehydration in the patient.


A urinalysis is a relatively simple test using the urine from the patient. These tests can yield valuable insight regarding kidney function and hydration levels. Other issues that can be uncovered with a urinalysis include renal, liver disease, and hemolytic disease.

Electrolytes and Blood Gases

This is a measure of the animals acid/base status. We are also able to measure ionized calcium and other electrolytes with this diagnostic machine.