Serving the needs of pet owners in southern Louisiana, the neurology center at Capital Area Veterinary Specialists is led by our board-certified veterinary surgeons. Our neurology center is uniquely equipped to treat conditions of the nervous system, spine, and peripheral muscles and nerves. Neurological conditions may often be treated medically, but when those options are not successful, our experienced surgical team will use the most advanced surgical techniques along with our state-of-the-art instruments and equipment.

Prior to any neurological procedure, our board-certified veterinarians will perform a complete examination of each pet that includes a physical exam, diagnostic analysis, and digital x-ray or CT scan as necessary. Our doctors will determine the appropriate course of action for your pet, and fully discuss the treatment plan with you and your veterinarian. Some of the most common neurological issues treated at Capital Area Veterinary Specialists include:

  • • Ruptured intervertebral discs (IVDD)
  • • Spinal tumors
  • • Spinal Fractures
  • • Epidurals
  • • Atlantoaxial Luxations (A-a luxations)
  • • LS Disease
  • • CSF Tap
  • • Myelogram